Consortium for the Evidence-based practice of Obstetrics
~ dedicated to bringing science-based maternity care to all childbearing
and promoting public debate on our national maternity care policy

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CEO is composed of organizations and individuals who are working change to our national maternity care policy and reform obstetrical practices for healthy women with normal pregnancies. CEO Goals are to:

Physiological management provides the safest and most cost-effective form of maternity care. Its principles are "in accord with, or characteristic of, the normal functioning of a living organism". A science-based policy would integrate the principles of physiological management with the best advances in obstetrical medicine to create a single, evidence-based standard for all healthy women used by all maternity care providers -- family practice physicians, obstetricians, and professional midwives -- and would these principles apply in all settings (hospital, independent birth center & home.

CEO is dedicated to ensuring that women receive complete disclosure on both physiological management and medical intervention modalities of obstetrics,  including all of the negative and positive aspects of each and protecting the woman’s right to choose which approach, or combination of approaches, she thinks is most appropriate for herself and her baby. Each intervention would have its own full disclosure to ensure truly informed consent.

CEO wants everyone to understand that normal childbirth does not require any medical interventions, such as IV’s, hormones to artificially magnify the contractions, constant electronic fetal monitoring or confinement to a bed. Providing a professionally supervised, individualized birth in the environment of the mother’s choice is safer and healthier for both mother and baby, is family centered and is less expensive than the current medical intervention standard of practice. This should greatly reduce insurance and tax costs related to childbirth.

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