CEO’s Mothers’ Day Letters to First Lady Maria Shriver ~


The purpose of the Mothers' Day letter-writing campaign:

1. To create a cohesive, broad-based and effective constituency made up of consumers, taxpayers, childbirth and public health professionals committed to reforming our national maternity care policy, which includes a recognition of the ethical and constitutional rights of competent adult women to have control over the manner and circumstances of pregnancy and normal birth and the care of their newborn.

2. To bring about legislative hearings on the issues identified in the CEO White Paper and in this document, including the off-label use of Cytotec for labor induction, the ever-climbing cesarean section and maternal mortality rate, the danger in promoting the maternal choice cesarean as the so-called "ideal' form of childbirth and the physically damaging effects on the healthy of the pelvic floor and pelvic organs associated with medical management of vaginal birth

3. To facilitate passage of legislation mandating that physicians obtain true informed consent before substituting medical and surgical interventions in place of the safer, evidence-based principles of physiological management and provide full information about the risks of medical or surgical intervention they recommend

Ending Flat Earth Obstetrics

     Suggestions for writing letters to California First Lady Maria Shriver

  1. Read the position paper to get an idea of the general topics targeted by C.E.O. 
    Pick one or make up a new topic.

  2. Date your letter for Mothers' Day 2004.

  3. Limit yourself to only one or two topics. Letters should be no longer than 1 1/2 pages -- one page is ideal. 

  4. Type that is anything longer than a page.

  5. Mail original to the Office of the First Lady (full address below),

  6. Forward an email copy of your letter to to be posted on the CEO web site 

  7. All letters will be posted in an archive on the  web site

  8. Call Donna Russell if you have questions to complex for email >>> 1- 530-534-9758

                Maria Shriver ~ Office of the First Lady, State Capital Building, Sacramento, CA 95814

To become a member of the Consortium, or a "designated ambassador",
email your name or your organization's name to