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re-establish the scientific foundation of  their profession
and reclaim their expertise in the use of physiological management for normal birth

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Scientific Citations from obstetrical sources for Physiological Management  of Normal Labor & Spontaneous Birth What Every Pregnant Woman Needs to know about Cesarean Section ~ 2004 Maternity Center Association
"Continuous labor support" a systematic review
finding important benefits and no known downsides
"Listening to Mothers" for the first time, hear what women nationwide are saying about their childbearing experiences.
The Medicalizing of
Normal Childbirth
Ultrasound Limitation
 & Inappropriate Use of Sonogram Findings
Risks & Complications of Elective Induction Episiotomies / Forceps / Incontinence
The Cesarean Connection & Electronic Fetal Monitoring The Politics of
Cesarean Surgery
~ what doctors are saying to each other
Cesarean Surgery ~
Immediate & Downstream Complications
Post-Cesarean Pregnancy, Abnormal Placentation & VBAC-related complications
Complications & Deaths
Consequences of Epidural (1)  Postpartum Depression
(2)  Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome
Neonatal complication of maternal procedures / epidural fever, vacuum, CS
Step by step photos of
Cesarean surgery
Photos demonstrating single versus double layer closure of cesarean incision Technical problems of
performing a repeat Cesarean
Photos ~ Forceps & episiotomy

 Court Ordered Cesareans

General Information on Maternal Mortality

Index page for Maternal / Infant Deaths /
Maternal Mortality Quilt Project organized by Ina May Gaskin

Safer Childbirth? M. Tew