Tesla Presentation ~ San Francisco  
Sunday, June 11, 2006 1 - 5 p.m.
featuring a free presentation by 
Faith Gibson, LM, CPM

"Medicine Gone Mad: 
The Death of Normal Birth"

Links to documents containing information on physiological management, the history of midwifery and the obstetrical profession, etc. 

Power Point Presentations -- continue to click your mouse or hit the space bar to step thru the slides and text on each slide. You must have a program on your computer compatible with MS's Power Point. Also each presentation takes almost a minute to load. 

Presentation One  ~  Ten Steps into Hell   ~ Beginning Obstetrics, Ending Normal Birth

Presentation Two  ~  The Death of Normal Birth ~ The  Medical Transformation of Birth into a Surgical Procedure

Presentation Three  ~ Obstetrics 2006, B.C.E. The Realities of Cesarean as a Purposeful Method of Childbirth

Presentation Four ~ Normal Birth Fights Back! -- A comparison between medical management of birth and physiological management

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