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Jan 2004

 Quotes and Excerpts from www.eObGynNews.com and
 other respected sources  of professional information on
 safety, complications & practice trends for obstetricians 


(1) Scientific Citations from obstetrical sources for Physiological Management of Normal Labor & Spontaneous Birth

(2) The Medicalizing of Normal Childbirth

(3) Ultrasound Limitation & Inappropriate Use of Sonogram Findings

(4) Risks & Complications of Elective Induction // Shoulder Dystocia / Reducing Practitioner Anxiety 

(5) Episiotomies /Forceps / Incontinence

(6) The Cesarean Connection & Electronic Fetal Monitoring

(7) The Politics of Cesarean Surgery ~ what doctors & public health officials are saying to each other

(8) Cesarean Surgery ~ Immediate and Long Term Complications

(9) Post-Cesarean Pregnancy, Abnormal Placentation and VBAC-related complications